Make Simple Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser At Home

Nowadays Corona Virus (COVID-19) is making a pandemic situation in the world. Almost every country is suffering from the Corona Virus. Our India also suffering from this coronavirus. WHO has already announced it a Pandemic disease and many cities are under lockdown situations and also changed our lifestyle.WHO Will advised maintaining HealthyHand Wash and Sanitation Habits, but the main problem is the way we do it, that is by physical touch. The Touching alcohol containers or hand sanitizers with infected hands can spread the virus to the next person. To make simple automatic sanitizer dispenser at home will help to this.

In this tutorial, we will build an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser that uses IR sensors to detect the presence of a hand and activates a pump to pour the liquid on the hand without any microcontroller.

if you can find several Arduino or other microcontroller automated liquid dispensers circulating the web. But my idea is to keep it simple and cheap so that anyone can able to make it. So that the easiest solution for this purpose is to use a simple transistor or MOSFET with an IR proximity sensor, which would reduce a huge cost. let’s make simple automatic sanitizer dispenser at home.

These are the components will i use this project

Components - Simple Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser At Home

Here I choose a blank kitchen Jar as container of the sanitizer. According to the size of the cap of the container for placing the circuit inside it.

How does it work?

The circuit is very simple and easy to understand anyone without electronic knowledge. IR proximity sensor detects the presence of a hand and makes the OUT pin LOW. So that the OUT pin keeps HIGH. When it goes low it turns on the PNP transistor and the 6v pump becomes on. I used the TIP32C power transistor for the circuit. A 1K resistor is connected between sensor OUT and the base of the transistor. It protects the transistor from burning out.

When Turn the potentiometer of the sensor from the lowest sensitivity level, and slightly increase it to achieve your desired detection range. Follow the circuit diagram to Make Simple Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser At Home.

Do NOT make it too sensitive because the pump might act spontaneously without any trigger!

Circuit Diagram Simple Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

I believe that you can able to make simple automatic sanitizer dispenser at home. if you have any doubts leave in comments.

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